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Marcus Hiles Donates 59 Acres for Park Growth

For overall citizen happiness, a city needs a strong park system and wilderness environments. These areas increase the health and well-being of the citizens who live nearby, making neighborhoods more approachable and friendly. Research from the U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) shows an undeniably positive connection between access to community areas and the likelihood of someone choosing to exercise. Easily accessible open space in the vicinity of where people live encourages physical activity and neighborhood camaraderie. Parks frequently become the unique hub of their area and are an investment in the growth of a neighborhood. Aware of the importance of green spaces and committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle, Marcus Hiles has contributed to the transformation of multiple Texas cities with his generous gift of land for green space development. The hope is that this will inspire residents to get outside, growing an amazing place to live, work, and play. His mandate for eco-friendly business extends throughout the company, which plants thousands of trees each year, to include an overall go of eco-friendliness and personal health. Neighborhoods with access to green space and surrounded by vegetation, wildlife, and other living things are healthier, friendlier, and allow residents to grow in a prosperous direction.

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Marcus Hiles – Cincopa – Image SlideShow

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Marcus Hiles – The Luxe 3Eighty

Located near the sparkling waters of Lake Lewisville, and just a short drive from the vibrant cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, The Luxe 3Eighty offers the best of all possible worlds: Easy access to big-city culture with the upscale comfort and privacy of a secluded, members-only community. Our exclusive, world-class residence provides young professionals and families with a seamlessly luxurious way of life. Amenities abound, including a well-appointed clubhouse, massive resort-style pool and tanning deck, leading-edge fitness center, plush comfortable lounge, a cozy Starbucks® Wi-Fi Café and much more.
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Marcus Hiles – The Mansions of Wylie

Marcus Hiles – The Mansions of Wylie from Marcus Hiles on Vimeo.

Marcus Hiles’ communities encourage beneficial lifestyles by supplying top of the line fitness equipment, organizing group events, and incorporating their beautiful natural surroundings. The Mansions of Wylie, located in the heart of vibrant Wylie, TX, allow for new and exciting experiences every day. The premier apartments offer luxurious, resort style living in a unique city filled with alluring attractions. Each distinguished resident has unlimited access to a billiards room, scenic trails, fitness center, cardio theater, swimming pool and heated spa, private dog park, and a personal trainer.

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Marcus Hiles And The American Cityscape

The rapidly changing demographic of American cityscapes has recently been exercising the minds of some of the world’s leading social housing architects. As more companies and businesses relocate from the costs and expenses of the big city, there is currently an increasing need to accommodate and attract professionals – who have often grown up in a city, to the locations where they would now prefer to work and live. One such example is the little-known town of Little Elm, Texas. The car manufacturing giants, Toyota, recently opened their headquarters here, and it is no surprise that the area is witnessing an exciting flurry of regeneration. One such example of this drive to draw the talents of city slickers to the country is The Estates 3Eighty project on the banks of the  Lewisville Lake.

The Estates 3Eighty project is a defining piece of 21st century architecture. Unlike the dreary, drab and uninspiring housing complexes of times past, these projects bring all the comfort, excitement and convenience of urban living to areas of outstanding beauty and economic potential. As you would expect from a Marcus Hile house, developed by Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles, the design of the complex is chic, elegant and gives an air of luxury living, while at the same time showcasing the rugged and beautiful scenery for which this part of Texas is quite rightly famous.

The facilities of a complex like The Estates 3Eighty may, on the face of it, appear to give a sense of exclusion and a lack of desire to integrate into the wider community. True, the security arrangements ensure the property is accessed only by residents, but there are cafes, gyms, activity centres, a social clubroom and a mail room to name but a few of the numerous facilities on offer. Moreover, Marcus Hiles projects such as this have expressed a commitment to integrate with the wider community.

While many residents will find solace and comfort in having these amenities on hand in their complex, the wider economic benefits of drawing professionals from young graduates to families are very apparent. Not only will these residents fill current job openings  of companies already residing in the area, but their presence is likely to attract other businesses to open in the catchment area. You can get further information on the Marcus Hiles Official Account on Youtube.

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Marcus Hiles and The Carbon Footprint

It is not overstating the case that Marcus Hiles has become the fulcrum around whom discussions rage over the future of living in modern America. Marcus Hiles is the CEO of the Texan property developers Western Rim Property Services, and has overseen the development of over 25,000 apartments and homes during his tenure there. His designs have all centered around the idea of residential communities, and building a strong community spirit amongst those who appreciate exclusive and sumptuous living in a modern, rural environment. His projects have so far proved hugely successful, and inspired many professional men and women to make the move to to the stunning Texan countryside.

Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles, partners in life and business, realized very early on the importance of maintaining a strong company vision and philosophy. First and foremost is a commitment to upholding the highest standards in design specification by using only the very best materials the housing market has to offer. For example, the marble-floored entrance hallways and granite-faced counter tops in the kitchens and bathrooms.

Also of vital importance has been Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles‘ determination to reduce the environmental impact the developments have on the surrounding landscape. This is seen through way the buildings are designed- incorporating key aspects of the natural landscapes into the architectural vision. They cultivate and use natural woodlands, rivers and parklands, into the design to provide beautiful surroundings for the residents as well as ensuring the area remains aesthetically pleasing to the wider community.

The materials used to construct the buildings maintain and exceed standard regulations, and state-of-the-art power regulation devices are installed to ensure maximum energy efficiency, reducing use up to 39% compared to the industry standard. On top of this Western Rim Property Services devote a significant amount of research to help the wider community. They hope their projects can boost the economic prosperity of the areas by encouraging new businesses and commerce to the area. To find out more about the company and the CEO himself check out Marcus Hiles, Founder, Western Rim Property Services on

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Marcus Hiles and The Grand Estates In The Forest

As life in a big city becomes increasingly expensive, overcrowded and dangerous, people from all walks of life are investigating alternative ways of living. This does not, of course, only mean a change of diet or exercise regime, but refers to a desire to achieve a better balance in their everyday lives between work and leisure. For many, the chance to live in the relatively unspoilt landscapes for which the United States is famous is an almost achievable dream. Employment is the main worry when contemplating such a move – what exactly would they do without the major corporations close at hand? And would it be possible to live in a rural property without essential modern conveniences? Fortunately, the answer to these questions can be found in property developments such as The Grand Estates located in the Forest of Conroe in Texas, which has been built in an area of staggering beauty and lying in close proximity to numerous golf courses and national parks.

The Woodlands Waterway running through the Estates has developed a thriving urban area with pedestrianized shops, restaurants and a buzzing evening atmosphere that offers that slice of city life that many feel so reluctant to give up when moving to the countryside. One such reason for the rise of these housing complex phenomena is the relocation of large corporations- Exxon Mobile, Fox Network Group and Chevron to name a few- to areas such as this. Naturally they require teams of skilled professionals, and can understand the difficulty of attracting such talent far from the large metropolises. This is where is where Nancy and Marcus Hiles play their role. Building complexes like The Grand Estates in the Forest is part of a movement to make a home away from home for those pursuing job interests into the countryside.

And whilst it is the attraction of having city conveniences that may sway some to move to such complexes, it cannot be denied that the opportunities to explore nature still provides the driving force in attracting a diverse community ranging from bachelors to families. Biking, bird-watching, horse riding, and hiking- any outdoor activity you can imagine is catered for in the area.

As with all of these modern complexes, The Grand Estates in the Forest is a secured gated community- perfect for families – and has the wonderful details of a health center, expert personal trainer, Starbucks cafe, outdoor wi-fi lounge….the list goes on. Even a cursory glance at the Marcus Hiles Magazine will be enough to show you that all apartments are fitted with state-of-the-art household appliances, and are beautifully furnished and decorated in a light and spacious manner. It offers you the perfect balance of home living with a sense of luxury and style. For many, complexes like this have proven the answer to many who have been deliberating the urban vs rural living debate, and will no doubt start a wave of countryside relocation.

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Marcus Hiles and The Mansion Project

Western Rim Property Service has achieved great success in a reasonably short space of time. Indeed, in terms of creating high quality, luxury and elegant housing projects in the state of Texas, it is probably safe to say that no other company has reached the standards set by Western Rim. Through a hybrid model of high specification design, unbeatable locations and well facilitated housing communities, Western Rim is providing unbeatable properties for aspirational Americans. Those looking to live in the peace and tranquillity of the stunning Texan countryside – whilst remaining within distance of exciting urban areas – have been provided with an outstanding opportunity to fulfil their dreams through such projects.

Western Rim CEO, Marcus Hiles is a rare blend of vision and vigor. His company is the market leader in proving quality, elegant homes for those looking to live a life of luxury.The latest project, Mansions, seeks to couple families and young professionals with their ideal homes: elegantly designed, and equipped with a range of facilities and services on site that give the atmosphere of a highly sophisticated hotel lifestyle. Some of the great community features of the projects include a state-of-the-art fitness center, luxurious social clubroom to promote and encourage the community spirit so important to Western Rim, playground and activity areas for children, on-demand concierge service and outdoor swimming area with training deck. What they have sought to create is a place residents can feel both safe and stimulated within the confines of their community, whilst having easy access to the attractions of urban living and entertainment on your doorstep.

The vision Western Rim have tried to impose also confirms its commitment to developing green projects. All the housing complexes are noticeably leafy, and naturally fit into the rural landscape without being too imposing. The materials used to create the buildings are eco friendly, and all the power sources and logistics of the complexes use 39% less energy than the industry standard. The houses are installed with low e-windows, LED lighting and use VOC paints to decorate the interiors. The commitment to the environment seeps through into every aspect of these projects.

The Mansions projects also have a keen eye on contributing to the local communities. Marcus Hiles often states that he hopes that bringing these projects to this part of Texas will encourage businesses to follow and capitalize on the potential economic prosperity. Obviously, this will have a positive knock on effect on all of the community. Western Rim Property Services has excelled in the market, and many communities in Texas will hope they continue to do so. Discover more on Marcus Hiles America.

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Marcus Hiles – Mansions at Stone Hill

Western Rim Property have a reputation for developing some of the most elegant, high-quality and desirable home to live in in Texas. Their locations are usually situated within driving distance of large urban areas, but in places with stunning natural beauty so you can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the Texan countryside.

So, it is unsurprising that Marcus Hiles, CEO of Western Rim Property Services, is extremely proud of his latest project, Mansions at Stone Hill. The housing complex perfectly embodies everything the company represents and is able to offer to its residents.One of the key drawing factors to these properties is the exclusive members-only environment. Living in a secure location, with other like-minded people, allows you a real sense of exclusivity, while encouraging a community spirit amongst its residents is something Western Rim takes very seriously. To this end, all sites are developed with social facilities and areas for the residents to fraternize and enjoy. The sites have their own health centers, cafes, social clubs, shops and a wide-range of activities for children, therefore encouraging a diverse group of people to take up residence.

The stunning collaboration between the architects and the designers ensure that the apartments and community amenities are of the highest design specification, and ensure that you are living in some of the most elegant and chic homes available in the US today. The entrance ways have marble flooring, the kitchens have granite work tops, and all apartments are kitted out with stainless steel Whirlpool appliances.

Some of the biggest names in business, from Dell to Samsung have their headquarters located nearby, providing the spur for other businesses to locate to the area. This has ensured economic prosperity in the area, with the job-market high and the opportunities plentiful. Western Rim Property always ensures that its sites are located close by the areas in which excellent academic centers for all ages abound. For further information about these exciting developments, why not visit Marcus Hiles’ Official Account on AngelList?