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Marcus Hiles and The Mansion Project

Western Rim Property Service has achieved great success in a reasonably short space of time. Indeed, in terms of creating high quality, luxury and elegant housing projects in the state of Texas, it is probably safe to say that no other company has reached the standards set by Western Rim. Through a hybrid model of high specification design, unbeatable locations and well facilitated housing communities, Western Rim is providing unbeatable properties for aspirational Americans. Those looking to live in the peace and tranquillity of the stunning Texan countryside – whilst remaining within distance of exciting urban areas – have been provided with an outstanding opportunity to fulfil their dreams through such projects.

Western Rim CEO, Marcus Hiles is a rare blend of vision and vigor. His company is the market leader in proving quality, elegant homes for those looking to live a life of luxury.The latest project, Mansions, seeks to couple families and young professionals with their ideal homes: elegantly designed, and equipped with a range of facilities and services on site that give the atmosphere of a highly sophisticated hotel lifestyle. Some of the great community features of the projects include a state-of-the-art fitness center, luxurious social clubroom to promote and encourage the community spirit so important to Western Rim, playground and activity areas for children, on-demand concierge service and outdoor swimming area with training deck. What they have sought to create is a place residents can feel both safe and stimulated within the confines of their community, whilst having easy access to the attractions of urban living and entertainment on your doorstep.

The vision Western Rim have tried to impose also confirms its commitment to developing green projects. All the housing complexes are noticeably leafy, and naturally fit into the rural landscape without being too imposing. The materials used to create the buildings are eco friendly, and all the power sources and logistics of the complexes use 39% less energy than the industry standard. The houses are installed with low e-windows, LED lighting and use VOC paints to decorate the interiors. The commitment to the environment seeps through into every aspect of these projects.

The Mansions projects also have a keen eye on contributing to the local communities. Marcus Hiles often states that he hopes that bringing these projects to this part of Texas will encourage businesses to follow and capitalize on the potential economic prosperity. Obviously, this will have a positive knock on effect on all of the community. Western Rim Property Services has excelled in the market, and many communities in Texas will hope they continue to do so. Discover more on Marcus Hiles America.