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Magnolia Texas Online Magazine: The source of all info about Marcus and Nancy Hiles

There are numerous mediums through which the info about Marcus and Nancy Hiles. The Western Rim Properties is one of the leading real estate firms in Texas. The Magnolia Texas online Magazine provides all the related info about Western Rim properties. Marcus and Nancy have also established a project in Magnolia. Through this project, many people have become able to buy homes at desired prices. The Texas-based homes and apartments by Western Rim Properties are highly preferred by the home buyers over other real estate companies.

When Marcus and Nancy were studying in the college, they decided to invest money in real estate. Their first bought property was from the combined savings of this couple. They never thought that their first investment would provide such huge profit. After initial success, both of them decided to take more risk and invest more. After second investment, the success of Western Rim Properties has actually started in their life. Afterwards, the couple has actually begun to enjoy the success of Western Rim Properties. The NewPort Classic Homes by Marcus D Hiles is another spectacular project developed by Marcus Hiles.

The project of NewPort was like dream come true for him. NewPort Classic Homes by Marcus D Hiles is an ideal and luxurious residential project. Through this project, many people have got their dream home at quite affordable prices. This project has also been discussed in the Magnolia Magazine. This project is ideal for the middle class as well affluent families. The luxuries and amenities provided in the homes by Marcus Hiles are commendable. There is no doubt about the quality of homes and residential units developed by Western Rim Properties. Once you buy any home from this company, it is a guarantee that you’ll enjoy increased market value of it.

The Marcus and Nancy Hiles have made a huge fan following on social media. The YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels of Marcus Hiles are full of traffic and people don’t stay without sharing an admiring message about them. From nothing to Western Rim Properties, the couple has actually got best experience of running a real estate venture. This experience would definitely give you more popularity among real estate tycoons in the world. Magnolia Texas Online Magazine is the reliable source to get lots of info about Marcus and Nancy. You can also follow this magazine for more news.

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Richness in owning a new house through Magnolia Real Estate

The art of doing a business is not as easy as many people think around the world. The best way to lead a happy life is to own a new house and get settled as early as possible in one’s life. The best couple who have gained much success in their lives and never wasted any time are the Austin Real-estate Owners. They are known to be the world’s best time savers of all time. The real estate business has boosted them to be one of the best entrepreneurs in the city and also even the country.

Are you looking for a Luxury Apartment Tower Located at TPC – San Antonio TX by Marcus Hiles and Western rim property, the time has now come for each and every individual to own a residential house smartly. The couple have gone to the greatest heights and no one can ever match the efforts made by the couple in the field of real estate around the city. This will be one of the inspiring stories of the couple to the younger generation, which should inspire them to reach for their dreams.


Marcus Hiles, the Real Estate Professional

Marcus Hiles is a hardworking and dedicated man who was able to implement his business ideas of building quality and luxurious homes for people at affordable rates. His properties are available for everyone at an affordable price and it boasts of top notch social amenities like infinity pools, golf courses, fitness centers, cafe and spas. The properties are also located strategically such that they are close to the resident’s work place, top schools and community resources.

His company Western Rim/Mansions Custom Homes in Dallas Texas is estimated to be worth billions of dollars with over 7,500 properties spanning Texas. Marcus Hiles provides original types of real estate development in prime urban area because he wants to provide the best location for the people he hopes to house. He is of the opinion that because housing is affordable should not necessarily equate to giving up on quality and luxuries. His ideology was similar to “Build it, and they will come,” – and indeed they did.

He learned the principles of hard work as a child and he has made all efforts to see his dreams come true without compromising on his standards. He attended Rice University where he got a Bachelor’s degree and also got a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University in California. He returned to Texas after his education to start his company. Though he had financial challenges at the beginning, his hard work and perseverance has paid off today.

At western Rim properties, Marcus Hiles is Building the Best of Texas homes for people. The property company is so popular that they keep on adding properties every year.

Marcus Hiles knows what it feels like to be raised in a poor family and as a result of this; he gives back to the people in his community regularly. He has donated generously to several charities. Much of his charity work has gone towards public education and giving college funds to students. He also gives donations to women’s causes and programs as well as children’s hospitals in Texas.

He puts his community first and he is a good role model for young people who want to start their own business as they look up to his success and kindness to help them become an ideal entrepreneur. Marcus Hiles is an ingenious leader who with determination worked hard to become the success that he is today.

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Marcus Hiles: The Innovative Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Marcus Hiles was not a self-mademan; he had to put all he had to start his business from scratch. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Rice University and a Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University, he started work on his business model at the age of 28. He has managed to become one of the biggest businessmen in Texas.

If you are looking for someone who will give you quality and luxurious houses at an affordable price, the man is Marcus Hiles – entrepreneur and philanthropist. Marcus Hiles is an exceptional businessman and he is the perfect example of a man with the entrepreneurial spirit that is hard to find in upstarts of today.

Western Rim Properties launched a website in 2008 when it became so popular among its homeowners and renters. The website was created just to keep up with demand and it was used to inform their consumers about forthcoming projects and properties. Marcus Hiles’s aimed at providing affordable accommodations for families without quality and luxury. He wanted to provide a complete package for hardworking Texans by building properties of apartments, condominiums and townhouses in urban areas, where they can be close to their place of work, schools and also have community support. Asides for building this kind of homes for Texans, the properties also come at an affordable rate. This is one of the ways Marcus Hiles gives back to the society as he did not forget where he came from. He also does this because he understands the benefits of affordable housing to families. He builds properties with infinity pools, woodlands, golf courses and spas for residents. No other real estate company has been able to attain the level of convenience and luxury that Marcus Hiles provides through his company Western Rim Properties.

On Marcus Hiles Official Facebook Page, you can connect with him and get the information you are looking for regarding the properties built by Western Rim Properties.

Marcus Hilesis a well-known philanthropist who has contributed to several causes which include public and private schools, women’s program and hospitals. He provides support to schools by donating computers for their uses. He also funds the first round of budget cuts in schools like music and the arts. He has also given a lot of money amounting to $600,000 to women’s shelter and programs over the past 20 years.

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Marcus Hiles, a visionary and real estate mogul who is way ahead of his times.

Founder and owner of Western Rim Property Services, Marcus Hiles is a real estate tycoon who thinks way ahead of his times. He inspires upcoming businessmen who lack the fortitude required for being be a true entrepreneur. Raised in a working class family, Marcus Hiles did not inherit any huge fortunes from his forefathers. He is a self made man who used commitment and hard work to build his huge real estate business empire afresh.

A successful businessman and a charitable person, Marcus Hiles never gave up on his values and ideology while climbing the ladder to the top. The properties constructed by him are best described as luxurious lifestyle at reasonable prices. He has built hundreds of low-cost high-quality homes in urban localities equipped with facilities like good schools, offices, salons, fitness centres, clubhouses, green spaces, etc in their vicinity. These excellent houses are rented to the residents at prices below the prevailing market rate.

Hard work and persistence are the two keys factors of success for Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles struggled hard throughout his early life but never gave up. He was taught to accomplish his objectives by putting in true commitment and labour. Before establishing his own business, Hiles worked as a novice under other real estate moguls of his time. As a member of staff he sold houses, cracked property deals and raised money for development properties. He gained enough knowledge and sharpened his skills that were required to start his own real estate business. Finally in 2004, his efforts paid off and he founded the company of his dreams, Western Rim Properties.

Marcus Hiles, the person who puts community before his personal gains

Marcus Hiles is a rare combination of being a successful businessman and a humanitarian at the same time. He always puts the changing needs and requirements of the society on top. His real estate company not only constructs traditional homes, but also creates custom homes that have flexible designs. These adaptive homes can be moulded in any way the residing family wants. After managing more than 7500 properties and homeowner’s associations in his management, the proud owner of Western Rim Property Services, Marcus Hiles is on his way to an enormous extension of his real estate business. He is looking forward to adding hundreds of new innovative housing designs each year.

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Genius Behind rise of property services

Generous philanthropist and real estate mogul, Marcus Hiles, is the genius behind the rise of Western Rim Property Services. However, to the contrary of what some might immediately think, he came from a simple background. Born in Texas and raised by his father, an inner city minister, Marcus Hiles worked hard for every step he could take. He put himself through school until he finally earned a Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University in California. From there he returned home to Texas and began, at the young age of 28, the biggest endeavor of his life.

Now, Western Rim Property Services might hold over 7,500 properties and homeowner associations and have over one billion dollars in assets, but that took a decade of back breaking work. In truth, Marcus Hiles struggled greatly to find a place in the market when he began creating his company in 2004. Often he had to use his personal capital to make ends meet and even more frequently could be found sleeping on a friend’s couch. However, he stuck to his vision of establishing luxury properties that were at, if not below, the market price.

Soon enough things fell into place and the company experienced rapid growth. This growth is largely contribute to how Marcus Hiles decided to structure his business model. Most companies would provide construction but then hire third parties for property management services who would control the price of rent. This created high overhead costs and thus residents would have to pay more. Instead of following the suit of other real estate companies that generally only provided one or two services, Western Rim Property Services decided to take on every role involved in real estate. He would locate the best areas, construct the homes, find potential residents, and then take care of property management. Essentially, Marcus Hiles tore out the middle man, and thus saved his company money and was able to provide lower prices to possible tenants and renters. However, Marcus Hiles did not just stop at cutting costs, but made sure that his communities were in prime urban areas and would have amenities such as spas and golf courses, while keeping the listing at or below the market price.

Today, Western Rim’s properties are among the most sought after throughout Texas. Hiles has even expanded and owns Mansions Custom Homes, which empowers families and property developers to create unique estates rather than having to choose from a carbon cut out. More than just a man of business, though, Hiles is known for his philanthropy. With each extra success and accomplishment, Hiles gives back more to the community. He has given to charitable organizations such as children’s hospitals and disadvantaged women’s groups.

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The Homes that Marcus Built

Western Rim Property Services, owned and operated by one of the top businessmen in the industry, Marcus Hiles, has numerous luxury town houses, condominiums, lofts, and apartments. These are all offered to people in areas that are close to good school systems and areas of numerous job opportunities in order to support the average working family. This gives people the ability to thrive.

est-woodlandindd-western-rim-property-servicesAs a man who grew up with his own humble beginnings, Marcus Hiles was the son of a minister. He grew up in the inner city in Texas and there were times when he was going to college that he had a hard time finding a way to make ends meet. There were times when things looked bleak but he maintained the mantra his father had taught him and that was to always stick to his guns, give it your all, work hard, and keep dreaming.

Upon earning a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s degree, Marcus D. Hiles returned to Texas from California. At the age of 28, the visionary determined it was time to construct homes in urban areas that were luxurious but affordable. Much like other people in his age bracket, many were in search of the American dream. However, that can be tough when many are living paycheck to paycheck. He wanted to be the one to reach out and provide to that demographic of the working middle class families. These were the people who were working hard but could not always afford the little luxuries in life that were posh and chic. In some ways, the designs of the homes that Marcus almost rewards his residents. If they can afford to pay the rent, which is well below market value, then he can surely offer them the numerous luxuries that they long for and can be a part of their lifestyle rather than just a figment of their dreams.

Families can thrive in the communities that Hiles has built. Many of the homes, apartments, condos, and town houses are located near golf courses, lakes, woodlands, parks, and other recreational areas. However, they are not just stuck out in the middle of nowhere. They also have the added convenience of being near enough to what is needed in the city so that there is accessibility but also safety.

In addition to being the ideal place to live, these living spaces were designed to be very swanky. Throughout Texas, especially in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin areas, are these amazing spaces to live. All of them have state of the art amenities that many average working class people cannot afford including cafés, clubhouses, tanning beds, spas, pools, work out centers, and much more. The residents do not have to pay extra for these amenities. He has worked hard to be able to offer these homes and has well over 7,000 properties in his operation and management with many being constantly constructed. Marcus Hiles took an American dream and turned it into a billion dollar asset business.

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Living in Fort Worth Just Got Better: Thank You Marcus Hiles

Like much of Texas, Fort Worth has struggled to maintain its place among top places to live in the country. After the Great Recession, the housing market in Fort Worth took a dive, people lost jobs and many eventually moved away. As a businessman who was born and raised in central Texas, Marcus Hiles vowed to do anything he could to help lift up the people and provide a better life for them.

IMG_1027Marcus Hiles founded his real estate development company, Western Rim Properties, in 2004. Since that time, Marcus Hiles has led his company to heights that he would have never thought possible before. Even during the recession, Western Rim Properties turned a profit and kept on building communities because Marcus Hiles knew he had something special. Connect with Western Rim Property Service on Linkedin to find out more about the company’s Fort Worth communities.

A Man of His Word: Taking Fort Worth to the Next Level

Marcus Hiles’ plan consisted of two parts: Bring jobs to Fort Worth by investing in local residential communities and offer his exceptional subdivisions at affordable prices. Not only did he succeed with both parts, he continued to build more communities around the metro area because more people demanded to live in his custom built homes.

Now, properties managed by Western Rim Property Services can be seen in a variety of locations, including Prosper, Little Elm, Sasche, Frisco and more. Each community comes with its own amenities that help improve convenience for its residents; from Starbucks cafes and nail salons to fitness centers, offices and more.

Bringing the People Back to Fort Worth

Finding quality and affordable housing was such a huge issue for so many years that Marcus Hiles still works hard every day to bring people back to the state he cherishes so much. While the word has spread about the good that Marcus Hiles has done for the local community, people are still looking for more incentives to return to their home city.

To accelerate the process, Marcus Hiles has invested heavily in organizations that focus on building green spaces for the public to enjoy and protecting natural habitats that currently exist. Every year, Western Rim Properties donates over $4 million to a variety of similar charities and will continue to do so for years to come.

Thanks to Marcus Hiles, Fort Worth has become a top place to live in Texas with better housing opportunities and lower unemployment rates.

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Marcus Hiles’ Recipe for Success

Marcus Hiles is the man behind the success story of Western Rim Property Services. Western Rim specializes in luxury, affordable housing for blue collar Americans. Luxury and affordability are usually antithetical to one another, but Marcus Hiles is not one to play by the book. Hiles doesn’t view the outrageous rental market as an opportunity to increase his quarterly profits, but rather views it as a chance to attract high volumes of people with fairly priced housing that appeals and satisfies. Hiles’ properties are located near work, play, and community, and are some of the nicest properties found at the lowest possible price.

Marcus Hiles decided to combine real estate and property management in urban areas, and Western Rim does both the real estate development and the property management, which allows a lower overhead cost as they are not paying a third party. Hiles and his company are managers of nearly 7,500 properties and homeowner’s associations, an impressive number in such a competitive market.

Marcus Hiles, who some assume was born into this position, was actually the son of an inner city minister, and built Western Rim properties using his own capital after graduating with his Masters in Business Administration. Hiles freely admits to a time when he had to sleep on the floor of a friend’s house when Western Rim was experiencing growing pains. Marcus Hiles persevered, and now owns more than a billion dollars in property assets.

Marcus Hiles is also well known as a philanthropist in Texas, and gives freely to causes that are important to him. Hiles is well-known for his financial contributions to charity in the Texas area, and has donated to quite a few programs. He has given over one million dollars to fund K-12 education and programs since 2005, as well as supporting college grants and funds valuing close to $1 million as well. Hiles also donates to women’s programs, adding up to over $600,000 within the past 20 years. Children’s hospitals are often frequent recipients of support from Marcus Hiles.

Western Rim and Marcus Hiles are “in it to win it,” as the saying goes, and they show no signs of stopping. Western Rim properties are some of the most highly desired townhomes, condos, and apartments on the market, and even have a hard time keeping up with public demand. Ingenuity and social consciousness have provided a great recipe for success in Marcus Hiles’ case, and he has provided a service that benefits him as well as his customers.

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Newport Classic Homes: Founder Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles, classic entrepreneur with the self-belief, fortitude and business skills to succeed, has built one of the most successful property businesses in Texas. It started with a big dream, perseverance and hard yakka. He focused on creating dream residential solutions for his customers. People have been lining up for a place in one of his resort style condos, to experience a new level of luxury and convenience.

Marcus’s dream began when he enrolled at Pepperdine PKE MBA Program, he found that the small classes, with interesting and inspirational professors, were critically important to his success. The friends he made became lifelong connections who helped him to succeed in his venture. His business Newport Classic Homes and other affiliates, Western Rim Properties, eventually became a billion dollar industry.