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Newport Classic Homes: Success Formula

The communities designed and built by Newport Classic Homes take great pride in being on the cutting edge of designed amenities. Western Rim Property Services in Newport Classic Homes have luxury properties with a reputation for the highest quality and signature amenities. The Estates and Grand Estates communities provide elegant apartment living. The Mansions communities provide residents with a resort style experience everyday. The Towers properties are stylish and bring chic and urban living to Texas in the form of modern loft inspired apartments.

The success formula that Newport Classic Homes uses is simple. They create communities in the best locations with some of the best schools. It is the best value for money with rents about half what would be paid for the inner city equivalent. The communities are equipped with the best club rooms and conveniences.  Starbuck cafes, 24 hour fitness centers, massage therapists and business hubs are a few examples of the features available. There are always outdoor amenities such as parks, lakes, forests and golf courses available. the communities are always designed and built to be low density with the greatest amount of green space, trees and central parks.

As part of the success formula Newport Classic Homes also follows the following principles. They provide a great working environment to ensure staff are happy and this follows through to the customer. People are treated with respect, dignity and diversity is embraced as a way of life. The highest standards of design, construction, purchasing and customer service are applied. Customers should be excited, happy and completely satisfied. The environment is treated with respect and positive contributions to surrounding areas are important. Profitability is required to ensure current and future success.

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Newport Classic Homes: Charitable Donations

Newport Classic Homes has been developing luxury resort style homes and communities since 1988. Each community is designed to be “The Best Place in the City” and the goal of Newport Classic Homes is to create the best value and quality of life for the customers money. It has been a hugely successful company and to this day is one of the major developers in Texas.

Newport Classic Homes Founder Marcus Hiles has donated over 59 acres of parkland to the general public. There are hundreds of oaks, cedars, cypress, pine, magnolia and palm trees in these lands. Some of them are up to 150 years old. These lands also contain artesian feed streams, parklands and lakes. These gifts were given anonymously but comprise of 44 acres in a North Texas city. 6 acres in another North Texas city and 9 acres in another North Texas city. This represents over 4 million dollars in value for the general public to enjoy. Continue Reading

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Newport Classic Homes: Design and Quality

It is fundamental to owner and president of Newport Classic Homes Marcus Hiles, that his resort style apartment communities be desirable, but attainable. Marcus realised long ago that good design was a necessity for enhancing desirability of a space and also a way to reduce costs. His companies invest in quality materials and brands but the care gone into the layout and design of the spaces is really critical says Marcus. A good example is the way the master bedroom is often separated from the second or third bedrooms. In a family situation this really helps to create privacy for the parents while making the living area a focal point & meeting area for the family. Much attention is devoted to the orientation of the property. Glass windows and doors that face the sun in winter mornings are maximized to warm the space while creating open, airy, warm and inviting spaces.

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Much attention has gone to additional design features which add that extra feeling of luxury. Unique and innovative lighting solutions are found throughout the designs on offer. Many of the interiors are immaculate with hardwood floors, granite countertops, vaulted ceilings and customized cabinetry. Exceptional workmanship and attention to detail abounds with pendant lighting stainless,black on black and black on white modern appliances.

Many of the designs on offer take inspiration from around the world with Italian and Roman influences. Tuscan and mediterranean inspired townhomes,  gardens and interiors. This devotion to quality extends throughout the community with much thought put into the design of community areas, creating spaces for meeting people but also places for privacy. Shared areas such as business centers, swimming pools and fitness clubs are inviting and inspiring spaces.