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Marcus Hiles Discusses U.S. Census Report On Population Data

The population of Texas increased by nearly 433,000 individuals, from 27.42 million to 27.86, furthering a growth trend that overtook the entirety of the Southern U.S. “States in the South and West continued to lead in population growth,” explained Ben Bolender, chief of the Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Branch. “In 2016, 37.9 percent of the nation’s population lived in the South.” Jeffrey S. Passel, a senior demographer at the Pew Research Center, envisions the growth continuing indefinitely, saying to the New York Times that, “the movement to the South and West is a very long term trend.” Marcus Hiles, furthering what the two researchers have stated, adds that older residents of the North and Northeast, primarily baby boomers, are finding warmer places to retire.

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