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The Homes that Marcus Built

Western Rim Property Services, owned and operated by one of the top businessmen in the industry, Marcus Hiles, has numerous luxury town houses, condominiums, lofts, and apartments. These are all offered to people in areas that are close to good school systems and areas of numerous job opportunities in order to support the average working family. This gives people the ability to thrive.

est-woodlandindd-western-rim-property-servicesAs a man who grew up with his own humble beginnings, Marcus Hiles was the son of a minister. He grew up in the inner city in Texas and there were times when he was going to college that he had a hard time finding a way to make ends meet. There were times when things looked bleak but he maintained the mantra his father had taught him and that was to always stick to his guns, give it your all, work hard, and keep dreaming.

Upon earning a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s degree, Marcus D. Hiles returned to Texas from California. At the age of 28, the visionary determined it was time to construct homes in urban areas that were luxurious but affordable. Much like other people in his age bracket, many were in search of the American dream. However, that can be tough when many are living paycheck to paycheck. He wanted to be the one to reach out and provide to that demographic of the working middle class families. These were the people who were working hard but could not always afford the little luxuries in life that were posh and chic. In some ways, the designs of the homes that Marcus almost rewards his residents. If they can afford to pay the rent, which is well below market value, then he can surely offer them the numerous luxuries that they long for and can be a part of their lifestyle rather than just a figment of their dreams.

Families can thrive in the communities that Hiles has built. Many of the homes, apartments, condos, and town houses are located near golf courses, lakes, woodlands, parks, and other recreational areas. However, they are not just stuck out in the middle of nowhere. They also have the added convenience of being near enough to what is needed in the city so that there is accessibility but also safety.

In addition to being the ideal place to live, these living spaces were designed to be very swanky. Throughout Texas, especially in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin areas, are these amazing spaces to live. All of them have state of the art amenities that many average working class people cannot afford including cafés, clubhouses, tanning beds, spas, pools, work out centers, and much more. The residents do not have to pay extra for these amenities. He has worked hard to be able to offer these homes and has well over 7,000 properties in his operation and management with many being constantly constructed. Marcus Hiles took an American dream and turned it into a billion dollar asset business.

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