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Marcus Hiles’ Recipe for Success

Marcus Hiles is the man behind the success story of Western Rim Property Services. Western Rim specializes in luxury, affordable housing for blue collar Americans. Luxury and affordability are usually antithetical to one another, but Marcus Hiles is not one to play by the book. Hiles doesn’t view the outrageous rental market as an opportunity to increase his quarterly profits, but rather views it as a chance to attract high volumes of people with fairly priced housing that appeals and satisfies. Hiles’ properties are located near work, play, and community, and are some of the nicest properties found at the lowest possible price.

Marcus Hiles decided to combine real estate and property management in urban areas, and Western Rim does both the real estate development and the property management, which allows a lower overhead cost as they are not paying a third party. Hiles and his company are managers of nearly 7,500 properties and homeowner’s associations, an impressive number in such a competitive market.

Marcus Hiles, who some assume was born into this position, was actually the son of an inner city minister, and built Western Rim properties using his own capital after graduating with his Masters in Business Administration. Hiles freely admits to a time when he had to sleep on the floor of a friend’s house when Western Rim was experiencing growing pains. Marcus Hiles persevered, and now owns more than a billion dollars in property assets.

Marcus Hiles is also well known as a philanthropist in Texas, and gives freely to causes that are important to him. Hiles is well-known for his financial contributions to charity in the Texas area, and has donated to quite a few programs. He has given over one million dollars to fund K-12 education and programs since 2005, as well as supporting college grants and funds valuing close to $1 million as well. Hiles also donates to women’s programs, adding up to over $600,000 within the past 20 years. Children’s hospitals are often frequent recipients of support from Marcus Hiles.

Western Rim and Marcus Hiles are “in it to win it,” as the saying goes, and they show no signs of stopping. Western Rim properties are some of the most highly desired townhomes, condos, and apartments on the market, and even have a hard time keeping up with public demand. Ingenuity and social consciousness have provided a great recipe for success in Marcus Hiles’ case, and he has provided a service that benefits him as well as his customers.

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