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The Magnificence of Magnolia Real Estate

Magnolia Residencies provide luxurious and affordable homes that are bound to make you feel warmth and coziness. This city is located in the southwestern Montgomery County of Texas. The man behind its creation is Marcus Hiles. Over the years Magnolia has proved to be a nice place to settle down. As per the census records population has increased considerably over the past few years. From 1394 back in 2010, a total growth of 20% can be accounted for.

The bungalow style apartments are very nice to look at and offer signature amenities. Hiles has always been acknowledged for being hard working. He has his own spirit with which he always chases his goals. Hiles even started his journey by attending Rice University. His first professional experience was in the real estate business. He worked his way towards the top and eventually wanted to create something of his own. Western Rim Property Services was that chance.

All of Marcus Hiles properties offer signature amenities. These include infinity pools, fitness centers, and spas, nail salons, gardens and offices. The construction of the whole property was done using top-notch quality materials for each building giving nothing but the best for his customers.

Marcus Hiles has made it a definite point to ensure that each one of the residents get the best out of their lives. An experience of a lifetime, an extension to the saying, that home is where heart is. Marcus Hiles is a visionary. He is also very generous and has donated to many charitable organizations. He also helped create parks and play areas for children. Hiles also funded the construction of a woman’s and children’s hospital and 2 churches.

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