Marcus D. Hiles

Marcus Hiles On Focus To Keep Western Rim Development Eco-Friendly

Marcus Hiles’ buildings are specifically planned inside and out to utilize the highest quality materials in order to be ecologically proactive and visually stunning. Roofs and attics feature reflective, radiant TechShield® barriers that reduce heat transfer by up to 97 percent, and can reduce indoor temperatures by over thirty degrees. High-density weather stripping and dual pane windows with a layer of argon gas and a solar heat gain coefficient of at least 0.22 further help with climate control in the units. Only air conditioners with a seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) of 16 or more are used, and inside, programmable thermostats allow tenants save up to 30 percent on utility bills and carbon footprint. By far exceeding industry standards, Hiles and Western Rim provide comfort no matter the season, ensure a respectful relationship with the environment, and have lowered carbon emissions by 32,000 tons across over 10,000 townhomes and units.

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