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Marcus Hiles And The American Cityscape

The rapidly changing demographic of American cityscapes has recently been exercising the minds of some of the world’s leading social housing architects. As more companies and businesses relocate from the costs and expenses of the big city, there is currently an increasing need to accommodate and attract professionals – who have often grown up in a city, to the locations where they would now prefer to work and live. One such example is the little-known town of Little Elm, Texas. The car manufacturing giants, Toyota, recently opened their headquarters here, and it is no surprise that the area is witnessing an exciting flurry of regeneration. One such example of this drive to draw the talents of city slickers to the country is The Estates 3Eighty project on the banks of the  Lewisville Lake.

The Estates 3Eighty project is a defining piece of 21st century architecture. Unlike the dreary, drab and uninspiring housing complexes of times past, these projects bring all the comfort, excitement and convenience of urban living to areas of outstanding beauty and economic potential. As you would expect from a Marcus Hile house, developed by Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles, the design of the complex is chic, elegant and gives an air of luxury living, while at the same time showcasing the rugged and beautiful scenery for which this part of Texas is quite rightly famous.

The facilities of a complex like The Estates 3Eighty may, on the face of it, appear to give a sense of exclusion and a lack of desire to integrate into the wider community. True, the security arrangements ensure the property is accessed only by residents, but there are cafes, gyms, activity centres, a social clubroom and a mail room to name but a few of the numerous facilities on offer. Moreover, Marcus Hiles projects such as this have expressed a commitment to integrate with the wider community.

While many residents will find solace and comfort in having these amenities on hand in their complex, the wider economic benefits of drawing professionals from young graduates to families are very apparent. Not only will these residents fill current job openings  of companies already residing in the area, but their presence is likely to attract other businesses to open in the catchment area. You can get further information on the Marcus Hiles Official Account on Youtube.

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Marcus Hiles – Builder of Quality Homes

Marcus Hiles is a hugely successful business man who did not have his wealth handed over to him on a platter of gold. His father was an inner city minister who was able to provide a stable and simple home for him. While studying in college, he worked full time. There was a time; he slept on the floor of his friend’s living room for one year. There were also times he didn’t have a mattress or a sleeping bag with which to sleep.

The mission of Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Texas-based Western Rim Property Services when he started his work as a property developer was to provide quality and luxurious houses to people at the lowest possible rate. He has been able to deliver on this as his properties are one of the best in Texas. The properties are opulent and they boast of woodland views, infinity pools, clubhouses, gyms, golf courses, spas and provision of services in-house. This is something a lot of property Management Company cannot lay claim to.

Even though Marcus Hiles had financial problems and other troubles when he started his company newly, he never gave up on his dreams. His hard work and perseverance has made him the owner of the most popular property development company in Texas. His office is always a beehive of activities and it is always filled up with people looking for luxury homes at lower prices than what obtains in the market.

Marcus D Hiles, Ceo of Western Rim says the company has a simple philosophy. It believes in building the highest quality homes in the best location and at the same time maximizing views with the construction of superior amenities in superior school districts.

The average and hard-working families have been able to afford the luxuries they think is not within their reach because Marcus Hiles makes the buying of luxury homes accessible to the average family. He believes that it is not only the affluent that should be able to come up with the money to have a comfortable life. He builds quality homes with all the amenities that you can ever think of in safe neighborhoods and at an affordable price.

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The Homes that Marcus Built

Western Rim Property Services, owned and operated by one of the top businessmen in the industry, Marcus Hiles, has numerous luxury town houses, condominiums, lofts, and apartments. These are all offered to people in areas that are close to good school systems and areas of numerous job opportunities in order to support the average working family. This gives people the ability to thrive.

est-woodlandindd-western-rim-property-servicesAs a man who grew up with his own humble beginnings, Marcus Hiles was the son of a minister. He grew up in the inner city in Texas and there were times when he was going to college that he had a hard time finding a way to make ends meet. There were times when things looked bleak but he maintained the mantra his father had taught him and that was to always stick to his guns, give it your all, work hard, and keep dreaming.

Upon earning a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s degree, Marcus D. Hiles returned to Texas from California. At the age of 28, the visionary determined it was time to construct homes in urban areas that were luxurious but affordable. Much like other people in his age bracket, many were in search of the American dream. However, that can be tough when many are living paycheck to paycheck. He wanted to be the one to reach out and provide to that demographic of the working middle class families. These were the people who were working hard but could not always afford the little luxuries in life that were posh and chic. In some ways, the designs of the homes that Marcus almost rewards his residents. If they can afford to pay the rent, which is well below market value, then he can surely offer them the numerous luxuries that they long for and can be a part of their lifestyle rather than just a figment of their dreams.

Families can thrive in the communities that Hiles has built. Many of the homes, apartments, condos, and town houses are located near golf courses, lakes, woodlands, parks, and other recreational areas. However, they are not just stuck out in the middle of nowhere. They also have the added convenience of being near enough to what is needed in the city so that there is accessibility but also safety.

In addition to being the ideal place to live, these living spaces were designed to be very swanky. Throughout Texas, especially in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin areas, are these amazing spaces to live. All of them have state of the art amenities that many average working class people cannot afford including cafés, clubhouses, tanning beds, spas, pools, work out centers, and much more. The residents do not have to pay extra for these amenities. He has worked hard to be able to offer these homes and has well over 7,000 properties in his operation and management with many being constantly constructed. Marcus Hiles took an American dream and turned it into a billion dollar asset business.

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Living in Fort Worth Just Got Better: Thank You Marcus Hiles

Like much of Texas, Fort Worth has struggled to maintain its place among top places to live in the country. After the Great Recession, the housing market in Fort Worth took a dive, people lost jobs and many eventually moved away. As a businessman who was born and raised in central Texas, Marcus Hiles vowed to do anything he could to help lift up the people and provide a better life for them.

IMG_1027Marcus Hiles founded his real estate development company, Western Rim Properties, in 2004. Since that time, Marcus Hiles has led his company to heights that he would have never thought possible before. Even during the recession, Western Rim Properties turned a profit and kept on building communities because Marcus Hiles knew he had something special. Connect with Western Rim Property Service on Linkedin to find out more about the company’s Fort Worth communities.

A Man of His Word: Taking Fort Worth to the Next Level

Marcus Hiles’ plan consisted of two parts: Bring jobs to Fort Worth by investing in local residential communities and offer his exceptional subdivisions at affordable prices. Not only did he succeed with both parts, he continued to build more communities around the metro area because more people demanded to live in his custom built homes.

Now, properties managed by Western Rim Property Services can be seen in a variety of locations, including Prosper, Little Elm, Sasche, Frisco and more. Each community comes with its own amenities that help improve convenience for its residents; from Starbucks cafes and nail salons to fitness centers, offices and more.

Bringing the People Back to Fort Worth

Finding quality and affordable housing was such a huge issue for so many years that Marcus Hiles still works hard every day to bring people back to the state he cherishes so much. While the word has spread about the good that Marcus Hiles has done for the local community, people are still looking for more incentives to return to their home city.

To accelerate the process, Marcus Hiles has invested heavily in organizations that focus on building green spaces for the public to enjoy and protecting natural habitats that currently exist. Every year, Western Rim Properties donates over $4 million to a variety of similar charities and will continue to do so for years to come.

Thanks to Marcus Hiles, Fort Worth has become a top place to live in Texas with better housing opportunities and lower unemployment rates.

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Western Rim Properties: The beginning

There is an inspiring story behind Western Rim Properties. Like many successful businesses it has humble beginnings with hardship and challenges. Marcus D Hiles, the Chairman and CEO of Texas based Western Rim Properties was 28 years old when he founded his company. His Dad was an inner city minister and it was certainly no silver spoon upbringing. In Marcus’s childhood, it was a big deal to be given an ice cream or a donut.

He went on to college but worked full time to pay his way through and at one time was forced to sleep in a living room floor with no mattress or sleeping bag. At times he would be eating nothing but hot dogs and generic beans. It was a simple life but good, prepared him for more hardships when building his start up business.

Marcus Hiles, the Chairman of Western Rim and mansions custom homes had next to nothing when he started the business, reinvesting everything back into the business. It continued to grow as Marcus nurtured it, sometimes barely scraping through payroll. It survived this and then thrived. It grew to become one of the most successful property development businesses in Texas.

Marcus has some key philosophies which have enabled him to grow his business to become what it is today. Choosing the best locations with the best schools has been a hugely successful strategy. This way the homes are very desirable but often much more affordable than similar quality residences in inner city locations. He has endeavoured to create the highest standards in terms of construction, customer service and design. As a company they embrace diversity but also have a massive respect for the environment. They also understand the importance of turning a profit for the long term success of the organisation.

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Newport Classic Homes: Founder Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles, classic entrepreneur with the self-belief, fortitude and business skills to succeed, has built one of the most successful property businesses in Texas. It started with a big dream, perseverance and hard yakka. He focused on creating dream residential solutions for his customers. People have been lining up for a place in one of his resort style condos, to experience a new level of luxury and convenience.

Marcus’s dream began when he enrolled at Pepperdine PKE MBA Program, he found that the small classes, with interesting and inspirational professors, were critically important to his success. The friends he made became lifelong connections who helped him to succeed in his venture. His business Newport Classic Homes and other affiliates, Western Rim Properties, eventually became a billion dollar industry.

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Newport Classic Homes: Success Formula

The communities designed and built by Newport Classic Homes take great pride in being on the cutting edge of designed amenities. Western Rim Property Services in Newport Classic Homes have luxury properties with a reputation for the highest quality and signature amenities. The Estates and Grand Estates communities provide elegant apartment living. The Mansions communities provide residents with a resort style experience everyday. The Towers properties are stylish and bring chic and urban living to Texas in the form of modern loft inspired apartments.

The success formula that Newport Classic Homes uses is simple. They create communities in the best locations with some of the best schools. It is the best value for money with rents about half what would be paid for the inner city equivalent. The communities are equipped with the best club rooms and conveniences.  Starbuck cafes, 24 hour fitness centers, massage therapists and business hubs are a few examples of the features available. There are always outdoor amenities such as parks, lakes, forests and golf courses available. the communities are always designed and built to be low density with the greatest amount of green space, trees and central parks.

As part of the success formula Newport Classic Homes also follows the following principles. They provide a great working environment to ensure staff are happy and this follows through to the customer. People are treated with respect, dignity and diversity is embraced as a way of life. The highest standards of design, construction, purchasing and customer service are applied. Customers should be excited, happy and completely satisfied. The environment is treated with respect and positive contributions to surrounding areas are important. Profitability is required to ensure current and future success.